The Erma Byrd Higher Education Center Safety Tips


Student Safety Tips

Adhering to the following student safety tips (while attending classes) at the Erma Byrd Higher Education Center will make the Center and its' grounds a safer place for all:


Vehicle Safety



Park in well-lit areas of the parking lot(s).

Remove all property (inside of vehicle) from visibility.  For example:  Place all valuables in the trunk of your vehicle.

Lock all doors and windows.

Remove keys from the ignition.



Personal Safety


When walking to and from your vehicle, do not focus on your smartphone or other handheld electronics.  Stay alert, make smart choices, and focus on your surroundings.



escape route.jpg

Know your route to take when entering and exiting the building; and the quickest way to get help.




Students Walking.jpg

Walk with a friend or group of friends.




If you are a victim of a crime, follow these simple steps:


     help_1280.png               Hand-Holding-Smartphone-PNG-Image3.png

Draw attention to yourself by screaming and waving your arms for help!  If you can, hold up your smartphone to film the perpetrator (telling him or her to get away from you and that you are filming them)!


Immediately report incident to Security or Center personnel.  Security will call 911!




Report Icon.png

Try to provide a "useful" description of the perpetrator.




raleigh county sheriff 1.jpg


Work with the Raleigh County Sheriff to provide detailed information.




Staff, Faculty, and Administrator Holiday and Vacation Tips



Take items of value home.





Lock all doors.





lamp.jpg       heater.jpg

Turn off and disconnect any and all lamps, safety tip-over (shut off protection) heaters, and any decorative items (on a daily basis) and when you leave for vacation.





blank check.jpg           cash 4.jpg           credit-card-front-and-back-view_318-41350.jpg

Secure or remove any checks, money or credit cards.





If something is missing upon your return, alert Security immediately!





raleigh county sherriff 1.jpgReport Icon.png


Work with the Raleigh County Sheriff to provide detailed information to make a police report.