West Virginia Rocks (WVROCKS)

Regents Bachelor of Arts Degree

In an effort to make college more accessible to all West Virginians, the Higher Education Policy Commission (HEPC), with assistance from WVNET, developed a web portal, the West Virginia Remote Online Collaborative Knowledge System (WVROCKS).  WVROCKS is designed to be a collaborative effort between all West Virginia higher education institutions who offer the Regents Bachelor of Arts degree.  

Students interested in taking WVROCKS classes must enroll and be admitted to the Board of Governors program at an affiliated institution.

Faculty teaching classes are all West Virginia higher education faculty who have a master's degree or higher in their field and who have been trained on best practices for online course development and teaching.

Courses are offered online in an eight-week compressed format and have been designed to meet Quality Matters (QM) Standards.  Students have the opportunity to begin classes twice during the regular semester with efforts being made to increase the number of enrollment opportunities.

A WVROCKS information sheet (including WVROCKS contact information, mission, goals, campus responsibilities, WVROCKS responsibilities, student responsibilities, and FAQ's) can be downloaded by clicking here.

WVROCKS program Frequently Asked Questions are as follows:

1.  How do I choose a participating campus?

Choosing a participating campus can be a difficult decision.  It can depend on preferences like location, size, and course offerings.  Participating institutions are as follows:

For more details about the RBA Program and a list of WVROCKS courses through a participating institution, please contact the following:

Bluefield State College:

  • Dr. Sarita Rhonemus, Director of Multi-Locations & RBA Program, can be contacted by telephone at 304.327.4491 or at 304.929.5458.  Email address is sarhonemus@bluefieldstate.edu

Concord University:

  • Teresa Frey, Academic Advisor for Adults & Veteran Students, can be contacted by telephone at 304.384.5226.  Email address is teresafrey@concord.edu

Marshall University:

Fairmont State University:

  • Pamela Stephens, Coordinator of Academic Advising & RBA Degree Program can be contacted by telephone at 304.367.4801.  Email address is Pamela.Stephens@FairmontState.edu

Glenville State College:

  • Bill Lilly, Academic Coordinator, Academic Support Center can be contacted by telephone at 304.462.6052.  Email address is Bill.Lilly@glenville.edu

Shepherd University:

  • Beth Thomas, RBA Coordinator, can be contacted at 304.876.5275.  Email address is BThomas@shepherd.edu


2.  What types of courses are offered on the WVROCKS portal?

Courses offered on the portal are all 200-400 level courses.  The courses are all 100% online and offered in an eight week time frame.  It is possible for students taking classes on the portal to complete twelve hours of course credit per year by taking one course at a time.  Several courses with a video/webinar synchronous component are also being added to the portal.


3.  How much do WVROCKS courses cost?

WVROCKS courses have a $223.00 per credit hour fee.


4.  Can I use my financial aid to pay for my classes?

You should contact your home campus for information regarding financial aid.


5.  What is your refund policy?

The refund policy associated with WVROCKS courses is the same as your home institution.


6.  How do I register for classes on WVROCKS?

All registration occurs on your home campus.  You should consult with the RBA coordinator on your campus for course selection information.


7.  When do classes start?

WVROCKS has five start dates each academic year.  The WVROCKS calendar may differ slightly from your affiliated campus calendar.  Check http://ilearn-wvrocks.wvnet.edu/ for start and end dates.


8.  How do I get my grades from WVROCKS classes?

While you will be able to view grades from individual assignments and track your grades throughout the course, final grades will be sent to your home institution and you will receive them in the same method you do grades from your home campus.


9.  Where do I go for help with WVROCKS classes?

For class-specific questions, you should contact your course instructor.  For technical questions you can contact the WVNET helpdesk at 304.293.5192 twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.


10. How do I know what classes are being offered on WVROCKS?

All classes approved by your home institution will appear in your home institution's schedule of classes.


11. What do I do if my institution doesn't participate in WVROCKS?

In this case, you will need to register for the classes at one of the participating institutions and have the credit transferred to your home institution.


12. How do I know what textbooks to buy?

  1. Go to:  http://ilearn-wvrocks.wvnet.edu/.
  2. Select View Course Catalog.
  3. Under Browsed Categories, select the appropriate catalog.
  4. Search for your course.  You will see a course description and a link to view textbooks.

To learn more about WVROCKS course navigation, please click here to watch a video.