Erma Byrd Higher Education Center

Security America


The Erma Byrd Higher Education Center's top priority is the safety and well-being of all students, staff, faculty and visitors.  As a result, trained Security America guards monitor security cameras and patrol the Center, its' grounds, and parking lots at various times throughout the day and the night.

At the Center we pride ourselves on being a community that cooperates and works together to provide a safe and secure environment for all. Security is also available to escort students, faculty and staff to their vehicles upon request.  Security works with students, faculty, and staff to quickly resolve any incidents that may occur on Center grounds; and, works collaboratively with New River Community & Technical College Security Officers to resolve incidents that occur on complex grounds as a whole.  Thus, there is a community of safe-guarding that takes place on a daily and nightly basis.

The Erma Byrd Higher Education Center works quickly to resolve and keep a record of any and all incidents.  Additionally, the Center's internal Emergency Procedures Guide provides students, staff, and faculty information on how to respond during workplace emergencies. 

More importantly, in today's times, it is imperative that you know how to respond to Active Shooter situations in and at all public places (colleges and universities, movie theaters, malls, football games, parks, etc).  To learn how to respond when faced with such events, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security provides an excellent Active Shooter Guide that can be downloaded and reviewed on your own time.  You can access this guide by clicking here.












There is safety in numbers (community).  Please report all suspicious activity/behavior (immediately) to the Security/Information Desk.